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jeudi 21 mars 2013

Make the week go faster with a little "Apericure" !

Les bons conseils sont fait pour être partagés le plus largement possible, donc également "in english please" !

"Some weeks seem longer than others, especially when they get off to a fast start. Luckily, to reach the weekend faster, we can still break up the week with an "apero-épicure" – a gourmet appetizer that’s easy to prepare but doesn’t compromise on quality and taste"

"If you want more, or better, you’ll just have to go to a Michelin-starred chef and choose one of his specialties; offered at a reasonable price in his shop (but by reservation only! Those who want to know where to find this, ask me for it HERE.

That's what we did with this excellent "Maréchal des Contades pâté de foie gras", which all by itself can make you forget about this winter’s unending cold/wet spells. This recipe is nearly 250 years old, and the chef tries his hardest not to change it; and try he must, as we need to keep paying homage to this monument of Alsatian, French, and thus worldwide gastronomy.

Imagine this: an inordinate amount of foie gras, veal stuffing, some mushrooms, plenty of port wine jelly and other sweet wines, all in a lard crust... you could eat it till you drop. It has a strong flavor, a thick texture... in short, it softly warms your heart and satisfies your appetite."
Read more HERE, on Webflakes !

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