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vendredi 24 mai 2013

Corsica epicurean trip, gastronomy and beaches, in english please

Good job and translation by Webflakes !

"You can find it all here: views to light up your retinas, recreation areas that will instantly make you forget yourself, and, above all, Nustrale pork, fish, wines, meats, and tasty, to-die-for shellfisheven if, or perhaps especially because, they are especially challenging to find.
So, yours truly has conscientiously done you the favor of searching for them in all the island’s most important epicurean spots."

Read more HERE.

"Where can one find Maldivian colors and Polynesian flavorsOn some Corsican beaches, for sure. A lavish lifestyle is to be had there as well!
All around the island are hidden sandpits and inaccessible coves. I have no intention of telling you about those, but I absolutely have toshow off three magnificent, epicurean beaches."

Read more HERE.

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