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vendredi 5 juillet 2013

The Yoann Conte's Cuisine, in english please !

One of the greatest lunch of my epicurean year, in the old Marc Veyrat's House. Cuisine from one of his two best student, Mister Yoann Conte, imminent three stars Michelin I think !

Good job and translation by Webflakes !

"This is how I ended up with a signature piece by Jacquier and a certified Conte plate; the fillet is slightly more cooked, almostcandied in spiced, hot orange juice, and topped with rolled peel and some coriander sprouts in a brilliant, masterful blend. It is served with a variety of carrots, some of them whole and candied in honey, others rolled in orange peel. All of this is worthy of the noble freshwater fish. We completed this harmonious combination with carrot ravioli filled with jus-steeped herbs and a well-kept secret, which left a last impression of gentle brilliance on the palate and in our memories."

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